Photos / Engagement Party

Meghan & Brian
Looks like a good conversation
Someone's funny
The first writings on the advice wall
Sarah, Gabi & Jack
Sarah & Laura
Sarah, Adrienne & Laura
Sarah, Adrienne & Stacy
Peter & Jake
Laura cooking some yummy food
Marc ordering a drink
Sarah & Angela
Sue (Sarah's mom)
Kent (Sarah's dad)
The pretty ladies' table
Jack & Danielle
Laura checking on the oven
Sarah & Rick
Kent & Sue
Sarah, Rick & Adrienne
Sarah striking a pose
Sarah & Laura
Sarah & Laura striking a pose
Kent, Sue & Sarah
Looks like fun
Erin looking confused
Nicole playing the questions game
Laura announcing the next question
Peter & Sarah
Mrs. Milcetic & Maria
Looks a little crowded!
Pete & Sarah checking the answers
Still trying to find a winner
Adrienne & Sue
Peter, Tom, Jake, Jack & Brian
Isabel, Heather, Gabi & Danielle
Brian's back
Preparing the champagne toast
Adrienne, Laura & Stacy
Dane kissing Pete
Dane & Peter
Meghan & Isabel talking
Colleen looking pretty
Marc drunk dancing
Marc's drunk dance again
Peter, Cracky & Sarah
Sean, Rob & Tom
Dianna, Sean & Colleen
Mrs. Milcetic & Maria
Brian & Sarah
Laura & Sarah
Pete, Jake & Sean
Rick & Brian
Rick, Brian, Sean, Tom, Mike & Pete
What is that?
Stacy & Adrienne
Adrienne & Meghan