Our Story

We had fun writing our story. We hope we don't bore you too much! Here goes:

She said, "Our friend Jake brought us together not once, not twice, but three times, before we started dating."

He said, "The first time, I came home one summer night in 2004 to find my friends having a party on my roof. When I climbed the ladder, I saw a beautiful girl standing in a circle with my friends. I knew I was interested right away. We started talking, and it led to discussing a movie Sarah had not yet watched. I wanted to show her a scene from the movie, so we went downstairs. Jake caught us, and said "No watching TV while there is a party on the roof." So we rejoined the party, which turned into a fun evening, including taking turns riding a tricycle down the block and eating Shepard's Pie at the Irish Rover. I walked Sarah home that night. Even though we were both interested, we didn't see each other for several months."

She said, "In November 2004, there was another birthday party at a local bar. Jake again invited me, but it still wasn't enough to get us together! I was feeling pretty shy and Pete thought I was in a bad mood! It took until July 2005 before Jake invited us out again. The three of us went to Fatty's Cafe for dinner."

He said, "We had good food and great conversation. Then we stopped off at the water by Astoria Park."

She said, "Oh yeah, tha'ts where Pete and Jake gave me a lesson in the history of Queens (typical Peter?). Before saying goodnight, I gave Pete my phone number. He called me two days later and we had our first real date the following night. It was a double date with my friend Adrienne at Dallas BBQ. We had so much fun that we didn't want the night to end. We went back to my apartment and...
watched the Simpsons. What were you thinking?"

He said, "The day after our first date I was attending a wedding and then I was going to be out of town for a week. I was nervous about how soon to call her."

She said, "Since Pete called me the first time, I figured I should call him the second time. I called him a couple days after our first date and was excited to find out he was still interested in me!"

He said, "During the week that I was away we spent hours on the phone. As soon as I came back from my trip I went to check on Sarah because she was recovering from surgery."

She said, "I thought it was so nice of Pete to stay on the phone with me the night before my surgery and to come check on me when he came back to NY. My mom was in town taking care of me. She met Pete and liked him. In fact, I think they spent more time together than with me because I was out of it. After I recovered, Pete and I were inseparable!"